Make a statement with your website.

Do you have a website?

The first question every business should ask.

There is no better way for any business to make a statement! In today’s digital world, it’s a norm for every company to have a website because it’s a top marketing asset.


marketing webdesign

Grow your business.

We can provide you with our professional web design services to meet the needs of both you and your customers.

Gain credibility

More and more people search online. Your website will mean you are in business, show your location, create presence—and having a professional image online will build trust with your customers.


Your website makes it easy for new potential customers to reach out to you. It enables you to target a wider audience with SEO, and this also gives you the opportunity to introduce your company.


Information about your products and services are accessible to whoever, whenever. Gain more customer by being visible; we know the old saying, more customers, more sales.

Your competition

Your competitors might already have a website, while consumers may not even know of your existence, or the products or services you offer. Compete with the big boys and give a reason for consumers to purchase your products or services.

Build relationships

Keep your customers updated with the latest information about your company; this will also ensure you retain your repeat customers. In turn, they may help to increase your product or services quality by providing reviews or testimonials.


Having a website saves you money in the long run. A professional website is worth the investment once it’s functional. It’s cost-effective when you realize the potential reach by comparing with other means of advertising.


Here at IKA Three Sixty, we understand your goals and offer services to match your needs.

web design hosting

Domain and hosting.

We offer domain registration and hosting. We will suggest the best type of hosting depending on your requirements and maintaining your website by ensuring faster load times, security and higher search engine rankings.

Secure Sockets Layer. (SSL)

The most critical element in an online business is creating a trusted environment, and we do that by providing security for establishing encrypted links between your website and your customers.


Content Delivery Network. (CDN)

Reduce the time to load web content through CDN. A process where content is downloaded from servers that are closest in geographical proximity to the visitors.


Your website needs critical care! Leave the hassle to us, and we will perform all necessary tasks to ensure your website is up to date, and in good working order. We offer:

  • Improved website speeds.
  • Uptime monitoring.
  • Website security.
  • Website backups.
  • Updating website software.
  • Database optimization.
  • Minor design updates.
  • Client reporting.
  • Website consultation.

Responsive design.

We provide great designs that can be accessed easily on any device while maintaining excellent user experience without any malfunctions.


It is essential to know your website usage. With website analytics, you can measure, collect, analyze, and get a report of your website’s data and insights. This information can be used in various ways such as page quality, most pages viewed, creating a better user experience for your customers, among others.

Grow you business now.

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